Wednesday, 23 January 2013

How to getting lippy...

Luscious lips are easy to achieve, regardless of what kind of look you’re after.

Beauty Bible contributor Stephanie Coulter shares with us her top tips for the perfect pout.

Hydrating and protecting the lips daily is essential because lips don’t produce much melanin, and only have three to five layers of skin compared to the rest of the face which has up to sixteen layers.

Because of this,  lip products with sunscreen should be used daily, especially when out in the sun for prolonged periods. HYDRATE
Don’t expect your lipstick or gloss to look good if you have dry, chapped lips.

Treat them with a nourishing balm or ointment – slather it on regularly to keep lips in great condition.

If your lips are dry and you want to wear a lip colour, apply a thick layer of lip balm while you do the rest of your make-up and hair. Buff this off gently with a cotton bud, this will exfoliate off the dry skin.

Repeat if necessary, but always be gentle. DO NOT scrub lips with a toothbrush, this is far too abrasive.

Gloss is quick and easy to apply, and comes in an enormous range of colours and finishes. Go easy though – just a dab is needed. Too much will make you look like you’re drooling.

Bright lipsticks are very in fashion at the moment. A classic red will suit nearly anyone, oranges and hot pinks are also great bold options. Vampy dark colours are very ageing and can make lips look small, so be careful with these.

It’s all in the application – applying straight from the tube will give you a big hit of colour; patting colour on with fingertips will give a pretty lip stain; painting on lipstick with a brush will help colour stay on and give a nice clean edge.

The best way to get lipstick to last is to prime the lips; pat on a very light coat of concealer around the lip-line, and set with a small amount of powder. This also helps to prevent lipstick “bleeding”.

Choosing a matte lipstick and not wearing gloss will also give your lipstick more longevity.

If you want to use a lip liner, choose a nude (which can go under any colour) or match your liner to your lipstick exactly. Always colour in the entire lip! This way if lipstick wears off you won’t be left with an outline ..


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